Tuesday, March 27, 2012


When DB5K decided to continue their activities as JYJ n TVXQHoMin, i cried my heart out. I barely eat and when I didn't even eat for 2 days in a row, my mom getting anooyed with me. Then she told me;-

        Mom: It is not the end of the world, honey.

        Me: U dont understand mom. Aside from planet Earth and 10 other planets.  There is also a planet called TVXQ's WORLD. It has 3 countries which are known as Cassiopeia, BigEast and iCassies. There are thousands of citizens lived in  this world. What am I suppose to do when we cant listen to their harmonious music anymore. Who am I suppose to        follow when my king (Yunho), my queen (Jaejoong) and  the princes (Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin) decided to separate.


        Me: (tears running down heavily)

        Mom: Ooo honey (she hugged me). Dont worry, if they really loved their so-called TVXQ's WORLD, I believe that they will find their way back home. Sooner or later, lets God decide it. As a believer, we must fulfil our duty by praying hard. Keep praying and believing that one  day your prayer will heard and your wish will come true and God will do the rest.

        Me: Really?

        Mom: Have I ever lied to you, honey? And honey, please don't torture yourself. I believe they (DB5K) will not want their beloved fans suffers too much. (saying it with a smile on her face)

I started to felt consoled. After that, I ate my dinner with tears running heavily. From then on, I have never miss my eating time.(^^)". Thanks mom for consoling me. I will never lose my faith on them. That is my promise. I believe that I am not alone. Thousands of hearts hoping DB5K come back together as 5. Until that day come, we will keep our faith and hope alive.

Sharryfevyana @ BBiey..(^^)"..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ASIAN GAMES MEN SINGLE Preview - Counting On LEE - LIN Final

With world no. 1 Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia and no. 3 Lin Dan of China in different halves of the draw, legions of fans are hoping to see these two giants fight for the gold medal at the individual men’s singles final in Guangzhou, while the rest of the field guns for upsets.
By Timothy Chan, Badzine Correspondent.  Photos: Badmintonphoto
The Famous Ones
Should the mighty Lee Chong Wei (pictured) meet Lin Dan in the final, it will be their head-to-head 22nd encounter, with Lin Dan having won 14 times compared to Lee’s 7 wins.  Lin Dan will be looking forward for revenge after having lost to Lee in their latest encounter about a month ago at the Super Series Japan Open.  Lin Dan will also not forget he has an old score to settle with Taufik, who beat the then-world #1 and newly crowned World Champion at the previous Asian Games in Doha.  Furthermore, Lin, who has already tasted golden successes since Doha at the Olympics and at two more World Championships, will want to add this elusive Asian Games gold medal to his collection.
The men’s singles event should be an exciting and action-packed one, as 4 of the world top 5 players, of them will be competing at Asian Games the other two being Chen Jin of China (No. 4), Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia (No. 5).  In the top half of the draw, probably Chen Jin has the best chance of preventing a Lee-Lin final, should he meet Lee in the semi-final.  However, it could be an uphill task for Chen, as he doesn’t seem to do well against Lee, having won only twice in their 9 encounters.
Chen will also be the first contender to take on Lee Hyun Il, who has retired twice since Doha, when he beat both Chong Wei and Lin Dan in the team competition before settling for bronze in the individual.
Another player who could show Lee Chong Wei the exit as early as the quarter-final is world no. 10 Boonsak Ponsana of Thailand, if only he can cause an upset.  Lee had favourably beaten Boonsak 10 times and lost only twice to him.
As for the bottom half of the draw, it promises to be just as tough a battle, though Lin Dan (pictured) is the clear favourite.  Although Taufik stands in Lin Dan’s way for the semi-final stage, Lin hasn’t lost even a game to the Indonesian in the four years since the Doha final.
According to CBA’s website, Lin Dan told a reporter at their training session in preparation for Asia Games, that he longer wants to mention or comment on names of which opponent he wants to meet in the individual event.   Only after the men’s team event will he think about the individual matches, which will likely begin for Lin against Hong Kong’s Hu Yun (pictured below).
Also in the bottom half of the draw, Malaysia’s Hafiz Hashim has in his quarter defending champion Taufik Hidayat, South Korean Park Sung Hwan and Japan’s Kenichi Tago to deal with.
“I may meet Park or Tago in the second round.  My aim is to try to win at least a bronze and it will be very tough indeed,” Hafiz was quoted in the BAM’s website.
The Unknown Ones
Besides the who’s-who list of seeded players, fans at Guangzhou will also get to witness those rather unknown ones in main draw action.  It is mainly at these big events like the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and now the Asian Games that the players from Nepal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Maldives are not relegated to qualifying rounds or team withdrawals and really get to try their hand on the big stage with the world’s best.
It will be interesting to see how they attain some respectable scores as they pit their skills against their stronger opponents. One of such players to watch will be Niluka Karunaratne (pictured) of Sri Lanka, who will be playing in the first round against northern neighbour Chetan Anand of India, whom Niluka pushed to three games earlier this year.
Nepal’s Sajan Krishna Tamrakar, who snatched the men’s singles title at the Nepal Police 2nd National Open Badminton Championship in Kathmandu last month, will not have it easy in his opening match against Lee Hyun Il of South Korea. Other unknown ones also include Enkhbat Olonbayar of Mongolia, Bikash Shrestha of Nepal, Dinuka Karunaratna of Sri Lanka, Sharim Sharim and Ajfaan Ajfaan (very interesting names) of Maldives and Yara Azad Abdulhamid of Iraq.  They would have to play extremely well to create any shocking results at the Asian Games but hopefully some deserving should can work hard to stir up some happening news even if the Games are destined to end in a coronation for Lin or Lee.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

juz say what u ol want to say..juz anything..but, do i care 'bout all of ur bad ass thought 'bout me...yea, i admit it dat i'm a childish n pampered gurl..but it has nothing to do wif u guys..i've so many things to do apart from listen to ol ur mocking words towards me..it is better to be urself than followed others wishes..i am happy as the way i am..coz u ol are nothing to me..juz a bunch of rubbish dat owez mingle wif others problem..=PP

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mathematics Choreographing Dance Challenge

fuhhhh...leganya bila ptandingan tu dah berakhir..tahniah kepada semua pmenang..x sangka jugak grup kami dapat tempat ke-3..trimas kpd ahli2 grup saya, Nurul, Marcus, Bala, Alvin n Dzul..u ol memang rocks..hakhak..xlupa jugak kpd choreographer kami, Harrison..thanx bnyak2..^____^

giler!!!memang bez habiz psembahan juara tadi..memang layak la menang..tahniah kat korang..hehe..naib juara pon bez gak..haha..

kalau tengok dari segi individu, Michelle n Jiejie memang patut dipuji..mantap giler!!!hehe..yang boys plak, x dpat nak pilih sapa plg bez coz hmpir sama jer..tapi psembahan Goh x kurang hebat..

budak2 math memang berbakat habiz..dengan pimpinan ketua kami, Boniface, Mdm Rohaya (pensyarah Mathematics 2) beri markah penoh untuk bhgn kendalian majlis..caya la madam, ne yg makin btambah sayang ngan madam..

dengan ptandingn tarian graf ini, diharap yg lain dapat ubah persepsi yg subjek math boring..subjek math bez pa..haha..by da way, dharap pershabatan untuk PPISMP Matematik Semester 1 2010 akan terus berkekalan dan bertambah erat..Lots Of Love..^____^

p/s:tahun depan kita buat lagi erkk(kalau ada la)haha..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kien Keat nets a hat-trick of golds as Malaysia win in three finals

KOO Kien Keat turned up a super-charged performance to earn a historic breakthrough for Malaysia in Commonwealth Games badminton at the Siri Fort Sports Complex yesterday.
Kien Keat hit the jackpot in his maiden mixed doubles partnership with Chin Eei Hui and they nailed the only gold medal to elude by beating top seeds Nathan Robertson-Jenny Wallwork of England 22-20, 21-12 in 36 minutes.
Kien Keat returned to the court barely two hours later to bag the men’s doubles gold medal. Partnering Tan Boon Heong, they beat Robertson-Anthony Clark 21-19, 21-14.
The unseeded Kien Keat-Eei Hui had taken a comfortable 19-14 lead in the first game but allowed Robertson-Wallwork to grab six consecutive points.
Kien Keat covered well for the error-prone Eei Hui and he single-handedly won the next three points to take the tight first game.
There was some early resistance from Robertson-Wallwork in the second game but they were resigned to taking silver after Kien Keat-Eei Hui collected nine straight points to lead 17-8.
There were no display of emotional joy, knowing the gold was already in the bag, even after Robertson sent the shuttle wide at the baseline, to hand the match and the gold to Kien Keat-Eei Hui.
However, Kien Keat was aware of the significance of the mixed doubles triumph.
“The schedule has been taxing but we were only one match from the gold and I was all pumped up today,” he said.
“We were very tensed in the opening minutes and we conceded easy points.
“They were keeping me away from the net as it was our strong point.
“But we were patient and I am glad that it paid off.”
The three gold medals won by Kien Keat in Delhi, the other from the mixed team competition, made him the most successful Malaysian athlete at the 19th Commonwealth Games.
Eei Hui will be delighted to improve on the silver medal she earned in her outing in the mixed doubles at the 2002 Manchester Games with Chew Choon Eng, which was until yesterday the best Malaysia effort in the event.
Doubles coach Rexy Mainaky said they knew that the key to success for Kien Keat-Eei Hui was to pile on the pressure on Wallwork.
“She gets tense under attack and with her making mistakes, Robertson’s concentration was affected. It worked in our favour today,” he said.
Wallwork praised Kien Keat for his performance.
“We could not keep up with the pace. Koo is a fantastic player. He is very strong and creative.
He played the best I’ve seen him play,” she said.

(mixed doubles)
First round: Saheer Ramrakha-Foo Kune (Mri) 21-10, 21-16
Second round: Kieran Merrilees- Kirsty Gilmour (Sco) 21-7, 21-14
Third round: Toby Ng-Grace Gao (Can) 21-7, 21-16
Quarter-finals: Valiyaveetil Diju-Jwala Gutta (Ind) 21-13, 21-19
Semi-finals: Triyachart Chayut-Yao Lei (Sin) 19-21, 21-16, 21-18
Final: Nathan Robertson-Jenny Wallwork (Eng) 22-20, 21-12
LEE CHONG WEI (men’s singles)
First round: bye
Second round: Alex Pang (Can) 21-11, 21-10
Third round: Juma Muwowo (Zam) 21-9, 21-9
Quarter-finals: Ashton Chen (Sin) 21-13, 21-11
Semi-finals: Chetan Anand (Ind) 21- 11, 21-12;
Final: Rajiv Ouseph (Eng) 21-10, 21-8
(men’s doubles)
First round: bye
Second round: Joe Morgan-James Phillips (Wal) 21-11, 21-18
Quarter-finals: Oliver Leydon-Davis- Henry Tam (Nzl) 21-16, 21-13
Semi-finals: Hendri Kurniawan Saputra- Hendra Wijaya (Sin) 21-11, 21-8
Final: Nathan Robertson-Anthony Clark (Eng) 21-19, 21-14

Sukan Komanwel 2010

pejam celik, pejam celik..Sukan Komanwel hampir melabuhkan tirai..Haleluya!!!Malaysia dapat 12 pingat emas..emas tbanyak pernah Malaysia dapat semenjak menyertai sukan ini...

emas terakhir yang Malaysia dapat ialah melalui pasang beregu emas negara iaitu Koo Kien Kiat(KKK) n Tan Boon Heong(TBH)..pada 1st game permainan KKK n TBH amat tidak kemas..tp pada set kedua, KKK n TBH mula mnunjukkan aksi sebenar walaupon agak x konsisten..hehe..xpa2, yg penting Malaysia menang n KKK  n TBH tetap cun..hehe

emas kesebelas kita, kita dapat dari Lee Chong Wei(LCW)..x khuatir sangat la coz lawan LCW x mggentarkan sangat..tp x boleh juga pndg rendah juga kan...atlit terakhir Malaysia yg turun padang ialah buah hati LCW sendiri iaitu Wong Mew Choo(WMC)..dgn harapan dapat pingat yg ke tiga belas, tapi hajat x kesampaian..apa2 pon, semangat juang WMC wajar dipuji..MALAYSIA BOLEH...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

 haa..sapa kenal dua orang kat atas ne.kalau peminat sukan tanah air dan badminton, tentu u ol kenal kan sapa mereka ne..yang pakai baju merah sebelah kanan tu, Lee Chong Wei..n yg pakai baju putih pulak Lin Dan..dua nama besar dalam arena badminton..
personal favourite saya, of coz la Lee Chong Wei..saya start ikuti pkembangan beliau masa dia berusia 18 tahun..masih lagi darjah dua saya waktu tu..secara jujurnya, disebabkan beliau la saya menggilai dunia badminton..saya suka cara LCW bmain dalam court..pendek kata saya memang x pernah miss la dgn pkmbangan LCW..stail yang suka kat LCW ialah, 'cross court smash'..
memang tidak dinafikan, pencapaian Lin Dan Lebih hebat Dari LCW..yang mbezakan beliau dengan LCW ialah, LD ne angkuh sangat..tapi bila difikir-fikir balik, angkuh dia btempat juga..saya suka jumping smash LD..'unbeatable' la pendek kata..

mereka berdua ne memang mninggalakan kesan yang mdalam la pada diri saya..u ol plulak tentu ada personal favourite sendiri kan..